The Second (Dog) Best Thing I Did

Posted by Dawn Grana on 4/11/2016
The Second (Dog) Best Thing I Did

Seven years ago this month, I adopted my second dog Max. 

I was volunteering at a local shelter and as I was about to leave I spotted Max walking with another volunteer and I immediately ran inside and put my name on him.  I came back on Monday with Sophie to see how they would interact and made the plan to pick him up to come home on Tuesday!

After picking Max up I realized he smelled so bad on top of being so matted, we made an emergency call to our groomer whom immediately took him in and made him all shiny and new.  Next was the vet.  Max was diagnosed with a double ear infection (so infected his ears were hard inside) and a kidney infection.  Poor baby was wondering for god knows how long in February when he was found on the streets by animal control.

Now the statistics: 10 million pets are lost per year. 7.6 million enter shelters with no ID, however 52% are returned to their owners due to being microchiped. 

Please ID your pet with chips and ID tags if you want to keep them safe!

My New Puppy...Potty Time

Posted by Dawn Grana on 11/23/2015
My New Puppy.....Potty Time

Dog Ownership: For As Long As You Both Shall Live?

Posted by Dawn Grana on 10/23/2015
You’re about to embark on dog ownership, however are you really ready for the responsibility?